Kevin Chiu - Director of Photography/Editor

Kevin Chiu is a 24 year old NYC-based DP and editor with 10 years of experience in shooting and editing short form content. (Commercials, Music Videos, Narrative Shorts, and Corporate Content.) He has worked extensively with corporations, brands, and artists over the years on multiple projects which have debuted on Condé Nast, Eurovision, BET, and have netted hundreds of thousands of views.


Kevin's visual style can be characterized as a combination of expressive movement, strong colors, and clean compositions. 

Particularly attuned to musicality and movement, Kevin is proficient at working with choreographers and dancers and capturing their work for the screen. 

Kevin is the Co-Founder of Youngtale, a production company specializing in the production of movement based works.

With a specific interest in the filmic rendering of human emotion, Kevin is especially drawn towards projects with expressive potential through which production elements and storytelling can lead to the creation of timeless films.

A cinematographer by trade - but also a director, editor, and colorist - Kevin Chiu places a high value on visual aesthetics and design in all projects he involves himself with.